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Koh Chang Dining & Shopping

Thailand is world-famous for dining and shopping and Koh Chang is no exception. Every beach has its own variety of eating options, ranging from fine dining on the beach to simple Thai noodle stalls in the alleys behind the resorts.  

The variety of cuisine ranges from traditional Thai to Italian pizza, Swedish meatballs, Indian curries, Texan steaks, English breakfasts, French haute cuisine, German schnitzel and vegetarian. Fortunately, international fast-food chains have not yet set up shop on this quiet island.

The best place to go for fresh seafood is the fishermen’s village in Bang Bao. Here you will be served the freshest catch of the day. One well-known restaurant is Chow Lay Seafood. Set on bamboo stilts above the water, it has a rustic atmosphere, giving diners a glance into the island’s traditional way of life. Just ask one of the staff to angle for your selection of prawns, crabs or fish from the restaurant’s large aquariums.

Quickly gaining popularity among travellers, Spa Koh Chang Restaurant is a vegetarian eatery on the eastern coast. It has been recognized as ‘One of the World’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants’ by the UK-based Restaurants Magazine. Its ‘Food for Health’ motto makes it a prime choice for health-conscious diners.

Don’t forget to give some of the small ‘hole in the wall’ Thai eateries a try. These are dotted all over the island and some of the best Thai dishes can be sampled at these cheap and usually clean places. The best Thai eateries are popular, so if the place is full of Thai people then it’s probably serving good food.

A surprisingly large range of goods, both souvenirs and necessities, are available on Koh Chang. There is a growing number of shops selling souvenirs on the main beaches. These include carvings, jewellery, clothing and handicrafts, bags, T-Shirts and CDs. Small supermarkets and shops can be found on all the beaches selling a practical range of foods, groceries, hardware and so on.

Apart from seafood, Koh Chang is also famous for tropical fruits such as rambutans, durian, krathon, pineapples and sweet sala. The fruit season is from April to July. The native hat or ngop is a cottage industry product made by villagers in the Nam Chieo community which is located on the route to Laem Ngop district, from where the ferries to Koh Chang depart.
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