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Koh Chang Cultural Activities

While Koh Chang is not renowned for offering a vast quantity of cultural attractions, the island is home to a fascinating naval museum as well as a stunning shrine. There are a number of activities to partake in which will allow you a glimpse into Thai culture. These include cookery courses and volunteering.  

Koh Chang Naval Battle Area
This site is located close to Salak Petch Bay, in the south of Koh Chang. This is where the Thai and French Naval forces fought over the eastern border. The Thai Navy holds an annual event to commemorate the battle victory and pay tribute to the dead naval forces by floating garlands into the sea. A museum has been built on Laem Ngnob Beach, boasting an exhibition of Koh Chang’s naval history.

Shrine of Chao Po Koh Chang

Heading up a steep road on the west coast to Ao Sapparos, not very far from the pier, you can see the shrine of Chao Po and Chao Mae Koh Chang on your right. This shrine is highly revered, especially by local people. Chao Po Koh Chang (the Deity of Koh Chang) has protected people on Koh Chang, nearby islands and Trat on the mainland for generations. Fishermen lost at sea or hit by monsoon put their faith in Chao Po Koh Chang. According to legend, many prayers have been answered and the locals have been praying to Chao Po Koh Chang regarding various hardships, from poor harvests to illness or other miseries.


Koh Chang is home to a number of temples offering sights and meditation classes for those who are interested. Meditation is part of Buddhist philosophy and in Thailand; meditation has been practiced as part of religious tradition on a daily basis for hundreds of years. Many monks speak English and enjoy speaking to visitors about all sorts including religion, Thailand and English Premiership football.

Thai Cookery Schools

One thing travellers can take back home with them is the memory of Thai cuisine. These days, it’s not difficult to re-create many of your favourite dishes as most Thai ingredients can easily be found abroad or substituted. Classes typically take a few hours and students are taught the art of fruit and vegetable carving as well as traditional stir-fry dishes. Some courses also include trips to the local market to choose and identify local produce.


It is possible to volunteer on Koh Chang, either as a teacher in a local school, or through animal foundations. Volunteering is a great way to experience local life and culture on the island.
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