Koh Chang City Tours

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Bhumiyama Beach Resort Location: Lonely Beach

99/1 Moo 4 - See Map
Bhumiyama is a combined word : Bhumi ( poom ) means land or place, yama is a realm of heavens in Buddhism where deities and beings who have accomplished (done) noble deeds come to dwell in ... View More

Warapura Resort Location: Lonely Beach

4/3 Moo1 KohChangtai - See Map
An amazing place to stay. At warapura we have 15 rooms. All rooms are provided with air condition, refrigerator, LCD TV, DVD player, safety box, hot shower and private balcony expertly planned to ... View More

Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort & Spa Location: Lonely Beach

11/3 MOO3 - See Map
Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort and Spa was inspired by Thai elegant architecture and arts of Bali. The resort is located in a beautiful surrounding of nature but never crowded. The cozy resort with ... View More
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14 days explore the mix of cultures and history of Vietnam and Cambodia, a fascinating destination for most travelers
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Experience Cambodia and Laos and get immersed in the culture and history of these beautiful countries.
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